• NUK Silicone Nipple Shields, Medium 20mm (2-Pack)

NUK Silicone Nipple Shields, Medium 20mm (2-Pack)


Breastfeeding allows you and your baby to get to know each other particularly well and intensively and to experience a feeling of security and closeness. However, sometimes breastfeeding is difficult due to irritated or inflamed nipples. In such situations, the NUK breast shield can help because it relieves the sensitive nipples during breastfeeding and at the same time allows calm and natural sucking. This way you can continue to give your little darling valuable breast milk and maintain an intensive bond with your child.

  • To protect sensitive nipples during breastfeeding – as used in German hospitals
  • Optimized shape for more skin contact: 92% of the mothers confirm that the nipple shield leaves enough space for the baby's nose
  • With different surface structures and four drinking holes for a calm and natural sucking sensation
  • Secure in any breastfeeding position
  • Made from ultra-thin silicone material
  • Size Medium - 20mm opening diameter
  • With practical protective box

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