• OPRO Platinum Fangs Mouthguard 7+ Adult Black/White/Red

OPRO Platinum Fangs Mouthguard 7+ Adult Black/White/Red


Introducing the OPRO Platinum Mouthguard. Available in a range of eye catching colours, it provides the ultimate protection to your teeth and gums whilst still allowing you to breathe and speak freely. This is mainly down to the anatomically positioned fins that soften when boiled to mould around your teeth and the special stretch zones that adapt to the contours of your mouth. All this results in a mouthguard that is bespoke to you, that fits better than any other brand, that allows you to speak and breathe freely and most importantly protects your teeth.

Each mouthguard comes with our very own fitting cradle making the fitting process swift and easy, and leaves you with a minimum thickness after moulding which is key to protecting your teeth. Each Mouthguard also comes with an anti-microbial case that protects against the build-up of 99.99% of bacteria growth.

Our Product #: 61058