• Beaba Milkeo Automatic Baby Bottle Maker - Night Blue / Bronze

Beaba Milkeo Automatic Baby Bottle Maker - Night Blue / Bronze

  Recommended Age: 0 months+

This machine may not work for formulas not in this list.

A device one of a kind – the Béaba baby bottle maker MILKEO measures out and mixes water and formula powder automatically in one movement. Your baby’s meal is prepared with only the push of a button and ready to be consumed straight away at the perfect temperature.

It’s super convenient, too: You can select the desired temperature and the amount of water and powder in advance. Then your new kitchen machine MILKEO prepares your baby’s food at any time of the day and at the push of a button. Measuring out milk powder and the amount of water is no longer necessary, and at the same time your little one’s meal is available at the correct temperature.

With its self-cleaning function of the mixing container, MILKEO guarantees perfect hygiene and makes your everyday life a lot easier. The large capacity of the water tank enables you to prepare up to 10 bottles. The Plus: Your hungry child can enjoy their meal within 20 seconds. The high-quality mixing system ensures a lump-free texture with a uniform temperature.

The display is simple and intuitive. The illuminated screen shows the selected temperature, the desired amount (in ml) and the amount of powdered milk used. A purchase that is definitely worth its money as it saves a lot of your valuable time in turbulent everyday life with a baby. Later on, when you child is older, you can use the MILKEO to make tea or serve soups.

The chic design in night blue/ bronze is going to be the ultimate eye-catcher in your kitchen and matches perfectly with today’s modern interior design.

  • Colour: night blue/ bronze
  • Automatic baby bottle maker
  • Universal: compatible with all formula brands
  • Variable temperature selection: 22°C, then adjustable between 37°C and 70°C
  • Water tank capacity: 1800ml
  • Milk powder tank capacity: 390g, waterproof
  • Height adjustable bottle holder
  • Control screen/ illuminated display
  • Self-cleaning function of the mixing container
  • For cleaning, wipe the device with a damp cloth
  • Dimensions: L 340 x W 155 x H 380 cm

Our product #: 196601